Allison Davis is a writer

I've been fortunate to work with some of the most brilliant people on magnificent projects; spanning from award-winning documentaries, to national commercial campaigns, to sketches for the web, and more.  Here are a few of my favorites: 

Staff Writer - The Underground Railroad (Amazon)




Writer/Producer - David Makes Man (OWN)


Sr. Writer/Producer/Interviewer - Google

I worked with a small and brilliantly creative team at Google to support Bryan Stevenson's Equal Justice Initiative and bring their ground-breaking research on racial terror to life. We traveled the south collecting oral histories of direct descendants of lynching victims, pairing the edited audio stories with photo essays.

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co-director, short film: Uprooted for Google


 Associate Artistic Director - Museum of Contemporary African Diasporan Art



Producer - StoryCorps

Producer - This American Life Live Show: One Night Only at BAM in Brooklyn

 Series Writer - AfroPop: The Ultimate Cultural Exchange for NBPC/PBS (5th and 6th season)

Writer/Producer - The Boyfriend Store (dir. Dan Gahr)

 Webisode Writer,  Period Diaries for Tampax/Always (ep. 1-5) for Proctor & Gamble 

 Development/Production Manager at ITVS - The Oath, dir. by Laura Poitras

 Broadcast/Web Producer at Butler, Shine, Stern and Partners  - Converse Gallery 

Converse Case Study 8- 
Producer, No One But Lydia (dir. Rob Richert)

"No One But Lydia" from CUFF 2013 on Vimeo.

 Producer/Creative Executive for Current TV - I Think I'm Dead

Producer/Interviewer for Current TV - Flosstradamus

Flosstradamus from jason tongen on Vimeo.